”The whimsical beauty of the work by Carolina Seth is stunning. Her work is surreal and dream-like. Her use of colours seems to put you at ease like how one would feel as they slowly start to fall asleep.”


- Jesse Gussow, Chaotic Utopian Magazine



I enjoy storytelling and illustrating intriguing situations. I hope to take the viewer on a fantastic voyage, no suitcase necessary.






Carolina Seth is a Spanish-born painter and illustrator who works in a surreal narrative style. She creates dreamy worlds inhabited by curious creatures.

As a child, she was always doing something creative; painting fantasy worlds, making imaginary characters from found materials, and doodling on her textbooks, much to her teachers’ dismay.


Trained in traditional and digital art, she effortlessly transitions from creating fun, carefree images to more abstract and complex ones.

She finds inspiration in almost everything: childhood comics and cartoons, architecture, natural history, science, fashion, pop culture, and everyday life.

Her Asian heritage and fashion background have influenced her style, creating visually elegant imagery, always with an element of mystery and playfulness.


Her works have been published in several publications including Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine.

She has created illustrations and animation for a variety of multimedia educational programs.

Carolina illustrated the U.S. multicultural "Char Siu Bao Boy" by Sandra Yamate and "Bon Odori Dancer" by Karen Kawamoto McCoy, a book that was a Parent Council Selection. As well as Treva Jean Edwardson's woodland fantasy "Froggy Fun".

Her paintings have been exhibited in Arch Enemy Arts (Philadelphia, PA), La Luz de Jesus (Los Angeles, CA), The Dark Art Emporium (Long Beach, CA), and Gristle Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) among others.


She studied Fashion Design and received a Graphic & Web Design certification from Sessions College for Professional Design in New York City. Her Fine Arts degree in Painting is from the University of Madrid.


Carolina is a product of living and working in several different countries, and her work reflects a distinctive style with an international flair. Her artworks are in private collections around the world.

The artist currently lives in metro Washington DC.