Painting The Apple Thieves by Carolina Seth

The Apple Thieves

You wonder where all the apples have gone in your garden, there were many of them everywhere, all suddenly disappeared this morning!

Pssst, we know who did it...The littlest Apple Thief, a fair colored hedgehog. They roll on the ground full of ripe fruits which get stuck on their quills, then carry them on their backs.

One can't blame the rascals for being so resourceful, perhaps you want to adopt them and become their accomplice? You will have fresh apples every day for sure!

Hand painted polymer clay. About the size of a walnut. Private Collection.

Hedgehogs are creatures native of Europe and parts of Africa. Legend says that when it is time for the harvest, they go into a vineyard, and climbing up a vine, shakes the grapes off onto the ground. It then rolls around on the fallen grapes to spear them with its quills, so it can carry the fruit home to feed its young. (Some say that the fruit the hedgehog carries away is the apple or fig.)