Painting Sunny Side Up. Karokeshi series. by Carolina Seth

Sunny Side Up. Karokeshi series.

Good morning!

We hope you are hungry because this little fellow is bringing you breakfast.

Hand sculpted and hand painted. Cold porcelain.
2" to 2"1/2 tall (5 to 5.25 cm.) depending on head gear. Private Collection.

***** What is Karokeshi art? *****

Karokeshi is the combination of the words Kokeshi and my own name.
It's a cross between the Japanese wooden dolls, Babushka/Matryoshka and Ninja warrior.

They are sweet (well, most are, some are sour and quite naughty) and always ready to make their owner smile.
Each Karokeshi sculpture is a unique piece of art, they add a special, fun touch to any decor.